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Our Capabilities

Passion, vision + energy fuel you, but there is so much more to who you are, where you've been, and where you're going. Your narrative will layer and expand to tell the full story.

We connect the dots and deliver what is needed most to enhance the raw into well-woven masterpieces. We will advance the mission, dreams, values and goals of startups, changemakers, and established brands that have a focus on the collective social good of our world.

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Communications(strategic + creative + crisis)

In the digital economy your narrative is as important as the services and goods that you offer. Your communications must always support the passions that drive you.

Public Relations

Crafting relationships to deliver your “why” and clearly communicate what you offer to the conversation will transform what was ordinary into the extraordinary.


Branding builds organizations that not only endure but thrive through changing landscapes. It is how you will leap forward as a leader in both practice and thought.

Content Strategy + Development

Content is the lifeblood of a strong narrative and delivers the power to your story. It will be the echo of your brand, built to resonate with your audiences.

Event Planning

Whether corporate or social, events transform vision into reality. Moving from concept to execution is about balancing detail while perfecting big dreams and elevating goals.

Project Management

Uniting ingenuity and structure establishes foundational frameworks of effective project management. Creating measurable goals strategically connected to your mission improves efficiency and tailors a scope that amplifies success.

Creative Talent Matching Services

Creativity is talent and skill steeped in imagination and possibility. We know that every creative project requires the right mix to redefine the finish line. Our cooperative of talent is here to partner with you today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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    Our Process

    We are curious.

    Our first step is to meet you where you are. To get a deep understanding, not just of your wants and needs, but your goals, dreams, and your “why”. We want to take you beyond the noise.

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    Our Process

    We are focused.

    Our process is agile but adaptable. You won’t find any cookie cutter solutions here because we don’t believe in one size fits all in clothes or in business.

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    Our Process

    We are driven.

    Our capabilities are expansive, our mission specific, our philosophy rooted in getting it right from the start. We are leaping forward into the future and we are going there together.


Celebrate your passion, vision + energy through your narrative.

Faith Must Speak - Ecumenical & Interfaith Social Media Response

Faith Must Speak

2020 will be the tipping point for conversations about race and equality and industries, as well as organizations will need to find their way to not only lead well, but also by example. Leap + PIvot is leading the way by connecting emerging voices at the grassroots level across traditions to encourage people of faith to speak at a time when their voices are needed most. #faithmustspeak

Faith Must Speak
Race The Landing 5K Series in Historic Charleston, SC

Race the Landing

For more than eight years, Race the Landing 5k series provided a fundraising mechanism to support an historical community resource, Charles Towne Landing. With the help of Leap + Pivot, Race the Landing was able to expand their financial success, community visibility, and relationships with the local business community.

Race the Landing
We Rise United. For All to Be Free. the End Racism initiative of United Methodists of the Baltimore-Washington area

We Rise United

Speaking about race and equity is not enough. Organizations must rise to the call to create leaders who are equipped to actively make a difference, and will commit to creating the needed changes to end racism. The Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church chose L+P to develop an active identity to heighten awareness of their social witness in response to racial injustice.

We Rise United
The Denmark-Olar Peer Educators lead as a shining example of what can be built when we invest in people and their potential.


Education matters. Leap + Pivot partnered with the Denmark-Olar Peer Educators to build a strategic communications and development plan to amplify their work as one of the nation's leading models to reduce the rate of teen pregnancies and help students connect with trained peer educators DOPE’s expansive focus on teen health and wellness continues to empower students in a rural improvised community to leap to brighter futures.

D.O.P.E. - Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church

With collaboration dreams are lifted. Our creative strategist, led the development of a modern content and engagement platform for the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church. Working with the Plaid Agency, Skyler developed a site that leads the way for the organization.
Forward with Fisher - Campaign Detail

Forward with Fisher - Campaign

2020 is calling for new leaders to step up and rally communities to take charge of their future and forward momentum for change. L+P is pleased to partner with the Melissa Fisher Campaign for Allen County County Council At-Large to build their narrative, visual identity, and digital presence (website) for Forward with Fisher as the launch point into a brighter future impacting the third-largest county in Indiana.

Forward with Fisher - Campaign
Skyler E. Nimmons

Skyler E. Nimmons

Co-Founder & Partner
+Creative Strategist
Anna Fox Burnette

Anna Fox Burnette

Co-Founder & Partner
+Management Strategist
Our Team

Diverse not only in perspective and thought, but in everything that makes us who we are.

We harness creativity and vision from more than 30 years of collective experience and unique heritages that ensure we provide guidance that is focused on keeping your message timely, relevant, and evolving to the world around us. We believe that there is nothing more powerful than a narrative built to celebrate the mission and passion of entrepreneurs, advocates, and brands who are change-makers. And we know that diversity helps us all to reach bold new truths and the greatest heights of our (collective) potential.

#blackowned #lgbtqowned #womanowned #minorityowned

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